Stephanie Diamond 
Snap Sharing

Photo readings by the artist inside the gallery:
September 12th, 7 - 9pm
September 21st, 2 - 4pm
October 12th, 2 - 4pm

Snap Sharing uses psychometry, which is an intuitive technique that involves holding or touching objects or photographs to gather information.  The idea behind psychometry is that objects, over time, hold stories and experiences. It is possible to sense the emotions and actions that are attached to or embedded in photos.  Psychometry is a gateway into the past, present or future.

Stephanie began working with photography at age 13. For 25 years she worked with 35 mm film cameras.  Her passion to present and discuss photography across many vistas; derives from her desire to connect communities and people. Snap Sharing was developed by her long time use of the photographic medium, fifteen years of experience working and training with various psychics, healers and shamans, in addition to her dance meditation practice.

Readings last about 10 minutes. Bring your photos, any and all can be read (cell phone, snapshot, drivers license, locket etc.) Photos can be of you, others, new or old.

Off-site extended group or individual readings are available by appointment and for a fee. Please contact Stephanie at if interested.

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