Thanks: The artists for their adventurousness, their lightness with truth. Thomas Keenan for his work to produce spaces that stage adjacent questions. Patricia Perkins, inevitably. The students of HSS 4: The Photograph at the Cooper Union in the spring of 2014. Andrea Wolf and the team from REVERSE. Orit Gat. Kerry Downey. Elizabeth Tubergen. Heather Joy Donahue.

"Prove It To Me" evolved from a presentation and discussion Caroline Woolard and Laurel Ptak invited me to participate in at Eyebeam in April 2013 about the ethics of photography. I am grateful for the provocation, which has proven to be delightfully inexhaustible in Ptak's case.

This exhibition is dedicated to Martha Rosler for the obvious reasons, but especially for her refusal to thresh anger from play.

Image Credit: Martha Rosler, Semiotics of the Kitchen (1975)

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